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How tall are you if your 166 cm?

166 cm = 5’5.35 166 cm is taller than about 8.8% of men and 60.6% of women in the USA. What is 166cm in feet and inches? Convert 166 centimeters to feet and inches.

How many cm is 5’7 feet?

Feet to Centimeters (ft to cm) Conversion Feet Inches Centimeters 5 feet 7 inches 170.18 5 feet 8 inches 172.72 5 feet 9 inches 175.26 5 feet 10 inches 177.80.

How tall is 5 feet 4 inches in cm?

Answer: 5 feet 4 inches is equal to 162.56 cm.

How much CM is 5 5 feet?

Feet to centimeters conversion table Feet (ft) Centimeters (cm) 3 ft 91.44 cm 4 ft 121.92 cm 5 ft 152.40 cm 6 ft 182.88 cm.

Is being 5’6 tall for a girl?

Women are generally considered tall in the United States at 5’7″. The average height for women in the US is 5’4″ as compared to some European and Scandinavian countries where women average as tall as 5’6″. Females in most countries that are 3 inches over the average height are considered tall.

How much should a 166cm girl weight?

Find your healthy weight range Metric Measurement 162 cm 52-66 kg 164 cm 54-67 kg 166 cm 55-69 kg 168 cm 56-71 kg.

Is it 5 feet or 5 foot?

You’re absolutely right about ‘five foot tall’; if you’re talking to someone or writing and don’t need to be formal, saying that you’re ‘five foot tall’ is fine. However, to say you are ‘five feet tall’ is correct and is probably safer when you’re writing in English.

How short is short for a guy?

What is considered a short person? Speaking of statistics, men are considered short if they are 5′7″/171 cm or shorter (1 standard deviation below average). They are considered very short if they are 5′4″/163 cm or shorter and “midget” if they are 5′1″/155 cm or shorter.

How do I calculate how tall I will be?

To get your height in inches alone from the way it’s usually presented (e.g. 5′ 7″), multiply the total number of feet by 12 and then add the remainder. For example, a 5′ 7″ person is (5 × 12) + 7 = 67″ tall.

Is being 5 4 short for a guy?

Participants also rated men described as “short” (5 feet 4 inches), “average” (5 feet 10 inches) and “tall” (6 feet 4 inches). But participants viewed tall men as more athletic than average (and short) men.

What is the average height of a woman?

According to a 2018 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height among all American women, age 20 and up, is 5 foot 4 inches tall. The study also followed trends in weight, waist circumference and body mass index (BMI) from 1999 through 2016.

How can I get taller?

What can I do to become taller? Taking good care of yourself — eating well, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of rest — is the best way to stay healthy and help your body reach its natural potential. There’s no magic pill for increasing height. In fact, your genes are the major determinant of how tall you’ll be.

Is 5ft 5 short for a man?

Short stature refers to a height of a human which is below typical. The median or typical adult height in developed countries (as the widely abundant statistics from these countries clearly state) is about 178 centimetres (5 ft 10 in) for men and 165 centimetres (5 ft 5 in) for women.

How tall is 5 feet 5 inches in inches?

How much inches is 5 feet? Feet (ft) Inches (“) 5 ft 60 ″ 6 ft 72 ″ 7 ft 84 ″ 8 ft 96 ″.

What is 5 foot inches in cm?

Feet+inches to centimeters conversion table Feet (ft) + Inches (in) Centimeters (cm) 4 ft 0 in 121.92 cm 5 ft 0 in 152.40 cm 6 ft 0 in 182.88 cm 7 ft 0 in 213.36 cm.

What is the most attractive height for a girl?

For women, 5ft 5in was the most right-swiped height while 5ft 3in and 5ft 7in came second and third place.

Is 5ft7 tall for a 14 year old?

What is the average height of a 14-year-old boy? The average 14-year-old boy measures 66.7 inches, or 5 feet 7 inches. 14-year-old males in the 5th percentile of the average measure 5 feet tall. 14-year-old males in the 90th percentile measure 5 feet 9 inches.

Can you shorten your height?

Is it possible to get shorter in height? There’s no feasible way to make yourself shorter intentionally. The long bones that make up your arms and legs stay relatively the same length your entire life. Most of the age-related height loss you’ll experience comes from compression of the discs between your vertebrae.

How much should I weigh at 166cm?

Ideal Body Mass Based on BMI height (cm) minimum weight (BMI=20) maximum weight (BMI=25) 163 53.1 66.4 164 53.8 67.2 165 54.5 68.1 166 55.1 68.9.

What weight is 166cm?

Healthy weight range chart Metric Measurement 164 cm 54-67 kg 166 cm 55-69 kg 168 cm 56-71 kg 170 cm 58-72 kg.

How much should I weigh kg 13 year old?

Main Digest Babies to Teens Height to Weight Ratio Table Age Weight Height 13 yrs 100.0 lb (45.3 kg) 61.5″ (156.2 cm) 14 yrs 112.0 lb (50.8 kg) 64.5″ (163.8 cm) 15 yrs 123.5 lb (56.0 kg) 67.0″ (170.1 cm).

Do you say 1 foot or 1 feet?

The addition of “tall” is not required in everyday conversation. For all other meanings of “foot,” we use “foot” for the singular form and “feet” for the plural.

Is feet one tick mark or two?

Feet and inches have a similar symbol. For feet, a single apostrophe is used (‘). For inches, a double apostrophe is used (”).

How do you write 5 feet tall?

Help! A. Usually, a hyphen is unnecessary: write “five feet, two inches tall,” “five feet, two inches,” “five foot two,” and so forth. But a hyphen is helpful in expressions such as “five-two.” If you write 5′2″, there’s no space after the sign for feet (a prime symbol).

Which race is the tallest?

Men from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Croatia,Serbia and Montenegro have the tallest average height. Dinka people are sometimes noted for their height.

How tall is Lil Wayne?

5′ 5″.

What is the healthiest height for a man?

Martel and Biller reported that the socially ideal height for western menis 188 cm (6 ft 2 in) andrising. Withadvances in genetic engineering, parents will be able to control the heightsof their children, and these heights are likely to increase with each newgeneration.

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