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We have gone through hundreds of pillows for our rentals! Over time, we have developed a list of the best pillows for Airbnb hosts, and we’d like to share our top choices with you.

The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (1)The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (2)

Why Does Airbnb Pillow Quality Matter?

Being a Superhost is an important responsibility. Your guests have carefully selected your Airbnb or vacation rental as their home away from home. Whether traveling for work, a romantic getaway, an outdoorsy adventure, or a peaceful retreat, a night of restful sleep is crucial.

Buying pillows that are comfortable, hotel-quality pillows is a great way to ensure your guests have a restful night no matter how busy their day might have been. We’ve developed a list of some of the best Airbnb pillows for you below.

The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (3)

What is the Best Pillow for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals?

After trying multiple pillows over the years and receiving thousands of positive reviews, we have determined that the best pillows for Airbnb are the Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows. These Airbnb pillows are very quick to dry, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, very soft, and have a medium firmness right in the sweet spot to appeal to the majority of guests.

Other alternatives that we like:

How Many Pillows Should You Provide Your Airbnb Guests?

A general rule of thumb is to provide at least two hypoallergenic pillows per guest. However, as Airbnb hosts, we want to accommodate the preferences and tastes of every Airbnb guest. We have found that having two pillows that are firm and two softer pillows on each bed works best. We like having at least four pillows on full, queen, and king-size beds because it offers a more luxurious experience. Multiple pillows are also great for guests who want to sit propped up in bed or require neck support.

While there is no definitive rule as to how many pillows you need, you should plan to have a specific number of pillows for each bed size and two extras per room. We avoid feather pillows completely due to allergies for many guests and prefer memory foam pillows or latex pillows for Airbnb.

  • Full-size beds need four pillows: one pair of firm pillows, and one pair of soft pillows.
  • Queen-size beds need four pillows: one firm pair, one squishy pair, and an extra decorative pillow.
  • King-size beds need those four pillows, as well as three decorative pillows: two king-size pillows in the decorative pillow shams and a seventh pillow for decorative use.
  • Always use washable pillow covers, preferably cotton and allergy free, on all pillows for Airbnb.
  • Place each pillow in two pillowcases for extra comfort and cleanliness in your short-term rental.
  • Decorative pillows are a great way to add luxury and tie the bedding into the theme of your vacation rental.

Rental Recon Tip: Most pillows come in vacuum packaging and you should plan to allow them to fluff up for a couple of days before use.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Airbnb Pillows

  • Can be washed, dried, and retain their shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting materials and design
  • Maintains a cool, comfortable feel for the sleeper
  • A reasonable price
  • Both firm and soft pillows

Matching Pillow Firmness to Sleepers

If you are wondering how to match pillows to sleepers, we always ensure there are two firm pillows like the Beckham Down Alternative on each bed. Firm pillows are good for any type of sleeper, even stomach sleepers, and the Beckhams are the best pillows for Airbnb.

We also place one Utopia Bedding Bed Pillow and one COZSINOOR Bed Pillow on each bed in our vacation rentals for those who like a softer pillow. There are two MZOIMZO Bed Pillows in the closet of each room and one Dreamy Blue Premium Pillow for Airbnb guests who prefer memory foam pillows.

We tell our guests that they are free to find any pillow that suits them no matter where it is in the sleeping spaces. As experienced Airbnb hosts, the comfort of each Airbnb guest is our highest priority. Many people are very particular about how a sleeping pillow feels.

The Best Pillows for Airbnb Rentals: Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

The Beckham Down Alternative gel pillows deliver superior, hotel-quality comfort with gel cooling. They are ideal for side sleepers but comfortable enough for back and stomach sleepers to get a restful sleep. Filled with a down alternative, this gel pillow has a plush bounce-back design for durability which is crucial for vacation rental pillows.

The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (4)


3 new from $49.99
2 used from $49.29
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The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (5)

Last update was on:

  • SUPERIOR COMFORT - Queen pillows have a 250 thread count cover filled with a soft down alternative. One of the best first apartment or new home essentials gift for bedroom, guest bed room, college dorm or house decor.
  • KEEP COOL - If you easily overheat, or maybe you're looking for cool queen size pillows for night sweats, the breathability of our standard bed pillow can offer welcome relief.
  • SAFE & SOUND - These fluffy bed pillows are made in an OEKO-TEX Standard Certified factory that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

We have found that pillows with gel cooling are great for cool sleeping pillows and are a good Airbnb investment. Throwing them in the washer does a good job of getting them clean and the drying time is done by the time the cleaning is finished.

The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (6)
The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (7)

Features of the Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow:

  • 250-thread count cover for soft sleeping comfort
  • The gel cooling keeps you cool and sweat-free at night
  • Easy-to-clean pillows can be washed and dried
  • Soft, yet firm enough to support your head well
  • The pillow retains its shape for months
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fast dry time

Other Good Pillow Alternatives for Airbnb Hosts

Although the Beckham collection remains our top pick as the best pillows for Airbnb, these are some great alternatives for your vacation rentals. These are good quality and can offer different levels of firmness if you want to provide several different pillows in your Airbnb vacation rental.

Cozsinoor Cozy Dream Hotel Quality Pillows

The COZSINOOR Bed Pillow holds its shape and doesn’t flatten easily. The plush fiber shell gives these best budget pillows a smooth and soft surface, the perfect balance between softness and support.

The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (8)


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The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (9)

Last update was on:

  • Perfect Balance Between Soft & Support – The gel down-alternative pillows for sleeping is filled with super plush hollow fiber which made with a great balance of supple softness and plump firmness. The stitching band design ensures the bed pillow hold its shape and don't go flatten. The plush fiber shell provides a smooth finish and soft feeling, making you feel like sleeping on a cloud, waking up with no more neck pain and headaches.

The affordable price point means you can replace these pillows after several months if needed without breaking the bank, making buying pillows a breeze.

Pros of the COZSINOOR Bed Pillow:

  • No-shift construction keeps the pillow from going flat
  • Pillows filled with a super-plush soft fiber
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine wash and tumble dry on low
  • Affordable price

Cons of the COZSINOOR Bed Pillow:

  • After the first washing, the pillows became lumpy along the edges

Pozino Luxury Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

The Pozino Luxury Hotel Pillows for Sleeping are crafted of a high-quality microfiber material that makes them some of the best pillows to keep every Airbnb guest cool and comfortable. They offer ample support for your neck and head with the right amount of plumpness and softness. Our guests have loved these hypoallergenic pillows which is great news for Airbnb hosts because the cost is so reasonable.

$19.98 $29.99

1 new from $19.98
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The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (11)

Last update was on:

  • [ LUXURY FABRICS ] - The skin-friendly soft cover is made, Microfiber fabric material, Nice sleeping pillow in your life. It is highly recommended as a best gift for your parents, family and friends, I’m sure you can get enthusiasm feedback.
  • [ MATERIAL OF FILLING ] - Pillow core made of down-like microfibre , This pillow No Odor peculiar smell and No irritation, The perfect balance between fluffy and support to provide the which makes the pillows supportive and cozy.It is vacuum-compressed and fully fluffy after 48-72 hours。

Pozino offers an exchange for another pillow or a full refund if you are not satisfied with their pillows. This comes in handy if you get them and they are not what you expected.

Pros of the Pozino Bed Pillows:

  • Affordable price
  • Great reviews
  • 100% microfiber and hypoallergenic

Cons of the Pozino Bed Pillows:

  • Smaller than a standard-size pillow

Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows

We have found the Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows to be long-lasting and able to retain their shape and comfort for a long time. The price is reasonable and our guests seem to like them. They have a no-shift construction that keeps them from going flat over time.

$28.49 $34.99

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The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (13)

Last update was on:

  • POLYCOTTON STRIPED PILLOWS- Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with this pack of 2 plush fiber fill bed pillows .
  • PROVIDE EXCELLENT SUPPORT - Filled with super plush hollow fiber these pillows are incredibly soft and fluffy and conform to the natural curves of your body, providing adequate support to your head, neck and shoulders
  • SOFT AND BREATHABLE COVER - Our pillows are encased in a premium quality cotton blend cover to further enhance their luxurious look and feel.

We know these are some of the best pillows for Airbnb because we have had several of our Airbnb guests inquire as to where we got them so that they could buy them for their own homes.

Pros of the Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows:

  • Covered in premium cotton to ensure cool comfort
  • Soft and fluffy to allow your head to fit comfortably on the pillow
  • Great pillow for a reasonable price

Cons of the Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows:

  • Spot clean when possible
  • Only dry on low heat

MZOIMZO Bed Pillows

These MZOIMZO Bed Pillows are soft and fluffy but very easy to clean. Since the Airbnb pillows get a lot of use, we must clean them periodically to ensure they are sanitary. They are filled with a down alternative for a plush feel and hold their shape well.

$28.89 $39.99

3 new from $28.89
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The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (15)

Last update was on:

  • BREATHABLE COVER: The pillows' shell is made of breathable and skin-friendly microfiber fabric, provides a smooth and soft surface; Piping along the edge creates a neatly tailored look
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Down alternative fill for a comfortable plush feel, a great option for allergy sufferers. You'll fall asleep fast and wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to take on the day
  • Fluffy & Supportive: These set of 2 bed queen pillows are made with a great balance of supple softness and plump firmness, help to reduce neck pain and alleviate shoulder stiffness

The stains come out easily with some spot treatment spray and then washing in the machine with a good detergent. This combination gets out all but really stubborn stains so if the pillow has stains that remain after the spot treatment and wash, we replace them.

Pros of MZOIMZO Bed Pillows:

  • Can be cleaned in the washer and tumble dry low
  • Ergonomic to reduce neck and back pain
  • Plush, bounce-back design

Cons of MZOIMZO Bed Pillows:

  • Not firm enough for stomach sleepers

DreamyBlue Premium Pillow

The Dreamy Blue Premium Pillow is a little pricier than most Airbnb pillows, but guests love the shredded memory foam filling. They have a good balance between firm support and soft comfort and the fillings are removable to make them the right thickness.

$29.67 $34.97

1 new from $29.67
2 used from $26.67
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The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (17)

Last update was on:

  • STOP! THE TOSSING AND TURNING IS OVER! LOOK NO FURTHER FOR THE MOST INNOVATIVE, ADJUSTABLE PILLOW ON THE MARKET! Twisting and Turning? Snoring? Waking up with a stiff neck? You’ve found your salvation at last….You’ve discovered the latest rage in the pillow industry! Meet the all new shredded memory foam fill pillow! Tailor made for you, this pillow is the very last pillow you will ever buy!
  • REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION = OUR UNIQUE PROPRIETARY SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM BLEND! We know, you’ve tried it all! Down, Feather, and even Memory Foam pillows, to no avail! At long last, meet the NEW star called Shredded Memory Foam! You just struck that perfect balance between SOFT BLISS and FIRM SUPPORT! Our unique Shredded Memory foam is the Revolutionary Hybrid designed to give you the luscious feel of Down AND the firm support of memory foam!

The customizable and easy-to-clean nature of these pillows make them some of the best pillows for a vacation rental and are our top memory foam pillow recommendation.

Pros of the DreamyBlue Premium Pillow:

  • Provides just the right amount of neck support
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Memory foam
  • Can adjust the filling to your preference
  • Has a removable outer cover you can wash separately from the pillow

Related Questions:

What are the Best Pillowcases for Airbnb?

Bedsure Cooling Bamboo Pillowcases are our top choice.These pillowcases are made with 100% viscose from bamboo. They are breathable and also employ moisture wicking which will help to keep your guests sweat-free as they sleep.These pillowcases come in gray, blue, and white.

$11.99 $17.99

1 new from $11.99
Free shipping

The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (19)

Last update was on:

  • Cool & Dry All Night: Made of rayon derived from bamboo, this temperature-regulating pillowcase set is cooler to the touch and more moisture-wicking than cotton. Ideal for hot sleepers and those looking for a cozy, dry night's sleep without overheating.
  • Silk Soft: The premium fabric is silky and light, with a twill weave for extra softness and smoothness.This soft pillowcase set lessens tension on your hair and skin. Enjoy a gentle sleep experience that reduces wrinkles and hair loss for a truly rejuvenating night's rest.

AmazonBasics Microfiber Pillowcases are a much less expensive option. These are standard pillowcases that come in a variety of colors and will complement any bedding set.

The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (20)


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The Best Pillows for Airbnb-2023: Comfy, Quick-Dry & Easy Clean (21)

Last update was on:

  • Includes (2) 20 x 30 inch Standard size pillowcases
  • Polyester microfiber offers strength and exceptional softness
  • Machine wash warm, no bleach; tumble dry low
  • Made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards

Interested in protecting your Airbnb pillows? Check out our article on the Best Pillow Protectors for Airbnb…>>


What pillows should I buy for my Airbnb? ›

The best airbnb pillows include:
  • Sleepavo Memory Foam: Best Overall. ...
  • Linenspa Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: Best on a Budget. ...
  • Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow: Best for Durability. ...
  • Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: Best Hypoallergenic. ...
  • Royal Hotel Goose Down Feather Pillow: Best Luxury Option.
Jan 24, 2023

How many pillows should be on an Airbnb bed? ›

Pillows: We recommend providing four sleeping pillows. Two pillows that are large and soft and two that are more firm so guests can have options. From there, we add a decorative pillow or two for style. Mattress and pillow protectors: Accidents happen!

What type of pillow is best for asthma? ›

The best pillows for asthma sufferers are those made of synthetic fibres or treated to be anti-microbial. Latex or wool may also be suitable, as they are dust mite resistant and naturally hypoallergenic. Other natural fillings such as feather or down are likely to trigger or exacerbate symptoms of asthma.

What is the best pillow for a toddler with asthma? ›

Pillows should be made of Dacron or other synthetic fiber. Don't use foam, feather, or down pillows.

What color sheets best for Airbnb? ›

Price: Bed sheets shouldn't be expensive, especially as you'll need a couple of sets (and may need to replace them every so often). Ease of Cleaning: White is our preferred choice for bed linens; they're easy to clean, and you can bleach them. However, any color can work, as long as the sheets are machine-washable.

Should I bring my own pillow to an Airbnb? ›

Airbnb hosts provide 5 essential amenities to guests: toilet paper, soap, linens, a towel (per guest) and a pillow (per guest). Expect these amenities no matter what type of place you've booked (private, shared, short-term, long-term).

How many bath towels should you have in an Airbnb? ›

One towel per guest. One pillow per guest. Linens for each guest bed.

Should I bring a pillow to an Airbnb? ›

Amenities guests expect

Guests expect some basics when they stay with you so they can freshen up and have a good night's rest. Bedding. This includes a bed sheet; a blanket, comforter, or top-sheet; and one sleeping pillow per person with a pillowcase.

What pillows are dust mite free? ›

In general, pillows made from synthetic materials are better for people with allergies, especially if those allergies are to dust mites. Pillows should also be washable or come with a removable, washable cover.

What are the best pillows to prevent dust mites? ›

The best pillows for allergies typically contain latex, down alternative fibers, silk, and other fills that resist dust mites and mildew. You can also invest in a pillow with a cover made of moisture-wicking fabrics, such as organic cotton, Tencel, and rayon derived from bamboo.

Do foam pillows get dust mites? ›

Dust mites can infest all kinds of pillows -- feather, down, microfiber, or polyester foam.

What kind of pillow is best for side sleepers with asthma? ›

Verdict: The University of Rochester Medical Centre Gosilano Children's Hospital recommends using synthetic fibrefill pillows. It recommends to “put pillows in zippered, dust-proof covers”, and not to use foam, feather or down pillows. However, some studies still state preference for feather or down over polyester.

Do air purifiers help asthma? ›

The answer is yes, air purifiers do work for asthma relief. In addition to taking care of asthma triggers around your home, air pollution and asthma are strongly linked. Fortunately, a healthy environment for asthma sufferers can be maintained by the use of an air purifier.

What temperature is best for sleep asthma? ›

According to a small study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Trusted Source, a room temperature of 68 to 71°F (20 to 21.6°C) is ideal for people with asthma. This temperature isn't too hot or cold, so it won't irritate the airways.

What makes Airbnb guests happy? ›

A comfortable stay is a happy stay. Furniture, appliances, entertainment, a fireplace, and many more items can be used to make your guests comfortable. Just make sure your property is welcoming and you might want to stay there yourself.

How do I make Airbnb more homey? ›

Practice thoughtful design

Avoid leaving too much empty space, which can feel sterile and impersonal. Choose a color palette and coordinate your artwork, textiles, and other details. Consider adding a statement piece, like a bold light fixture or oversized easy chair. Decorate with plants or flowers to add vibrancy.

How do I make my Airbnb guest feel special? ›

Creating a welcoming, comfortable space can help make your listing memorable.
  1. Craft mini-escapes where guests can relax.
  2. Add special treats: coffee, tea, local specialties, etc.
  3. Don't forget the essentials: toilet paper, linens, pillows, towels, and soap.
Dec 17, 2020

What color towels are best for Airbnb? ›

white towels are 100% the best color. What is this? Using white towels give you the option to bleach them if there are stains. If you buy towels that are stiped or another color, bleach will probably stain them.

Should I wash the sheets at my Airbnb? ›

For extended stays at Airbnb's, the host will likely provide you with a spare set of sheets and arrange for regular delivery and collection of sheets. If there is a washing machine, you may be required to look after your own laundry, so how often you wash your sheets is entirely up to you!

Should Airbnb provide toilet roll? ›

Essential amenities are the basic items that a guest expects in order to have a comfortable stay. These include: Toilet paper.

What are not allowed in Airbnb? ›

The following content is not allowed on Airbnb:

Spam, unwanted contact or content that is shared repeatedly in a disruptive manner. Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity, or that is sexually explicit, violent, graphic, threatening or harassing.

What to have in an Airbnb bedroom? ›

Make room for personal items by providing a dresser with empty drawers, a closet with some empty hangers, or a luggage rack. Set up a bedside table with a lamp, so guests can keep their eyeglasses, phone, or book near the bed.

What to do with dirty towels at Airbnb? ›

Strip the bed and group dirty linens together.

It's a nice gesture to strip the bed before you go, and pile your dirty sheets and towels by the washing machine. However, it's not necessary to make the bed or fold any linens, as your host will throw them all in the wash anyway.

What should be in an Airbnb bathroom? ›

So what should you add to the bathroom in your Airbnb? You have to have the essentials like shampoo, conditioner, bar soap or body wash, and body lotion. Extra luxuries could include a new loofah, slippers, a hairdryer, makeup remover wipes, q-tips and cotton balls, and even a first aid kit.

Should I use towels at Airbnb? ›

Whether or not an Airbnb rental provides towels depends on your host. However, most Airbnb hosts will provide you with towels since it's a basic amenity that all guests require.

What do you splurge on Airbnb? ›

Airbnb Checklist: High-Impact Items Worth the Splurge
  • 75″ Smart TV.
  • High-quality Seating.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses.
  • Porcelain Dishes (and plenty of 'em!)
  • Dining Chairs.
  • Towels.
  • Grill.
  • Pots & Pans.

How do you know if you have dust mites in your pillow? ›

You may be able to tell you have dust mites in the home, by a continual round of some of the following allergic symptoms: Itchy nose. Stuffy or runny nose. Facial pain due to sinus pressure.

Are there bugs that live in pillows? ›

Mattresses and pillows make potential habitats for bed bugs. Pillows may also be host to bed bug eggs, making them a potential point of bed bug infestations. A possible sign that bed bugs have infested pillows may be the appearance of bites.

What bugs are found in pillows? ›

Recent reports have shed light (er, horror) on the fact that there are millions of tiny, dead bugs living in our pillows. And yes, it's true. They're called dust mites — they're actually arthropods, not insects, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

What scent keeps dust mites away? ›

The best essential oils for getting rid of dust mites are clove, rosemary, and eucalyptus oil. Add 20 drops of oil to four ounces of witch hazel, and spray your mattress, couch, drapes, and other dust mite hangouts.

What material do dust mites hate? ›

So, once you have cleaned your bedroom, add 2 tablespoons of organic tea tree oil and 2 tablespoons of organic eucalyptus oil into 2 cups of distilled water. Pour into a bottle and spray literally everywhere in your bed and bedroom. This will kill and repel any dust mites.

What fabrics do dust mites hate? ›

Anti-allergic clothing

Polyester bedspreads, easily washed in hot water, prevent the accumulation of dust mites. The clothes you wear every day should also be made of cotton or bamboo. Carpets made of synthetic fibers help repel dust mites.

How do you know if you have dust mites? ›

Common dust mite allergy symptoms include: Sneezing. Runny nose. Itchy, red, or watery eyes.

How often do you wash pillows for dust mites? ›

If you have a dust mite problem in your home, bedding—sheets, blankets, and bed covers—should be washed at least weekly in hot water (130 to 140 F) to kill the mites. Cold water will not always be as effective.

Do dust mites get in your mattress? ›

In particular, dust mites can be commonly found in bedding, since there are typically a lot of dead flakes of human skin there. Dust mites also thrive in places with high humidity. Mattresses and bedding fulfil these requirements because shed skin and perspiration provide an ideal source of food and humidity.

Is there a pillow that forces you to sleep on your side? ›

Half-moon bolster pillows, lumbar pillows or multi-position pillows can help you stay on your side. Even products you secure around your waist have foam supports on them to keep you off your back or stomach. These are usually called anti-snore positional sleep aids.

What is the best pillow position for side sleeping? ›

Cralle also told us, “If you are a side sleeper, a thinner pillow placed between your knees can help make you more comfortable and help keep your spine in a neutral position.” We also recommend using a body pillow to get full-length support while you're on your side.

What pillow does hotel use? ›

Down. Down is generally seen as the luxurious filling choice for pillows, which is why luxury hotels will tend to supply down hotel pillows. The most common type is goose down pillows, although duck down pillows are also a potentially cheaper alternative.

What season is best for asthma? ›

For some people with seasonal asthma, summer is when asthma symptoms tend to improve. In many areas of the country there are fewer triggers, such as respiratory viruses and cold, dry air. More time is spent outdoors so there is less exposure to indoor allergens.

What is the best air purifier for someone with asthma and allergies? ›

Comparison of the best air purifiers for allergies
Product namePriceBest for
Honeywell HPA100 HEPA Air Purifier$Budget
BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier$$Pets
RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier$$$Wall mounting
The Levoit Core 400S Smart Air Purifier$Large rooms
2 more rows

Which is better for asthma humidifier or air purifier? ›

An air purifier vs.

Humidifiers don't have any effect on allergens or other environmental triggers of asthma, but they may help you breathe more easily. If you do use a humidifier, be careful not to add too much humidity to the air, as it can cause mold or dust mites. Both of these can make your asthma worse.

What drink is good for asthma? ›

  • Ginger tea. Adding ginger to your tea may help relax your airways and relieve other asthma symptoms, which may reduce wheezing and difficulties in breathing. ...
  • Mullein tea. Mullein tea may sound familiar to you as a treatment remedy. ...
  • Licorice tea. ...
  • Other herbal teas.
Nov 7, 2022

What foods trigger asthma attacks? ›

Foods To Avoid With Asthma
  • Eggs.
  • Cow's milk.
  • Peanuts.
  • Soy.
  • Wheat.
  • Fish.
  • Shrimp and other shellfish.
  • Tree nuts.
Aug 11, 2021

Does Vicks Vapor Rub help with asthma? ›

Vicks Vaporub is a topical medicine designed to relieve cough in cases of the flu and colds. It is considered safe for kids age 2 years and older, provided you follow the package directions carefully. However, Vicks will not relieve an asthma cough in a child with asthma.

Should you provide toilet paper in Airbnb? ›

Essential amenities are the basic items that a guest expects in order to have a comfortable stay. These include: Toilet paper. Soap (for hands and body)

Should you strip the bed when you leave an Airbnb? ›

2. Strip the bed and group dirty linens together. It's a nice gesture to strip the bed before you go, and pile your dirty sheets and towels by the washing machine. However, it's not necessary to make the bed or fold any linens, as your host will throw them all in the wash anyway.

Should I wash towels at Airbnb? ›

You shouldn't be responsible for washing anything in terms of sheets and towels, and the host won't expect you to. You should check the description of the Airbnb and ask the host if you are concerned, however.

What not to do in an Airbnb? ›

10 Airbnb hosting mistakes to avoid
  • Using bad pictures. ...
  • Setting up wrong expectations. ...
  • Fixed pricing. ...
  • Being too impersonal… or too personal. ...
  • Not communicating clearly or quickly with guests. ...
  • Theming your space. ...
  • Assuming things about your guests. ...
  • Not prioritising guest requests.

What adds the most value to an Airbnb? ›

Add Low-Cost Amenities

Consider adding as many “amenities” as possible, even if it is something as simple as shampoo or cooking oil. Guests seem to really be impressed by our listings when they show up and everything is ready for them to enjoy instead of having to run out to the store to buy salt & pepper.

What makes my Airbnb stand out? ›

If you're trying to attract families to book your Airbnb, a good way to make your accommodation stand out from other vacation rentals in your local area is to offer items like high chairs, cots, additional mattresses, laundry powder (as well as free use of the washing machine /dryer) and a toy box.

What should you have in your Airbnb kitchen? ›

Checklist: The basics
  • Stovetop and oven. It doesn't get more basic than this; give them something to cook on or in! ...
  • Fridge and freezer. Every kitchen needs a fridge and freezer. ...
  • Cups and dishes. ...
  • Knives and forks. ...
  • Coffee and tea. ...
  • Pots and pans. ...
  • Spatulas and ladles. ...
  • Oven dishes and mitts.
Jan 21, 2020

What should be in Airbnb kitchen? ›

Your kitchen should have forks, knives, and spoons. Consider adding a serrated set of knives to your butter knives. The silverware drawer is perhaps the biggest culprit when it comes to crumb accumulation. And Airbnb silverware is, after all, the only item in your kitchen that goes directly in each guest's mouth.


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